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Chevalier by Juwelenkammer is very exited to announce that it will be showing it's collection at Premium on 28-30.6.2016 at Station Berlin. We are looking fore ward to welcome a lot of interesting people and visitors at the cubes between Hall 7 and Hall 8.

We had a fantastic time at our first image foot shooting at Hof to der Wese

We had a beautiful Derby week in Berlin- Mariendorf 

On the 1.6.2015 Chevalier / Juwelenkammer showed for the first time together with wine and waters on the Trotting track Mariendorf Berlin. It was a beautiful day, and the racing atmosphere was very exiting. Chevalier will also show in the VIP area, again together with wine and waters on the derby days from 24.7.2015-2.8.2015 in Mariendorf,